Historic Information:
In December 2017, after input from campus stakeholders, the university made the decision to move forward with the selection of Target X as the CRM (client relationship management) tool to be used for the graduate admissions communications and application review. Subsequently, a committee structure for the implementation process was determined, and Kennedy & Company was selected to serve as our implementation consultants.

The committee topics cover three main areas: Vision and Strategy, System Execution and Internal Communications. The members, charges and deliverables of each group can be found on the chart below.
Grad TargetX Implementation Structure

On December 15, 2017, Kennedy & Company and Target X hosted an implementation kick-off meeting with project stakeholders. Their presentation from that day can be found below.
Mason Grad CRM Kick off – 12/15/17

Moving forward, the committees will begin their work and bi-weekly updates will be emailed out to stakeholders.

Current Status:
As of June 1, 2020, the majority of the work conducted by the three main committees have concluded. For questions regarding the system, please contact OGA or ATT (though the ticketing system) for assistance or additional information.

Town Hall Events:
There are no current town-hall events scheduled. Please contact OGA for information if you have questions.

Recordings from previous town-hall events can be found here:

Town Hall August 23, 2018
Streaming recording link:
Download recording link:

Town Hall May 1st 2018
Streaming recording link:
Download recording link:

Town Hall March 26th, 2019: video:[]

Committee Resources

CRM Implementation Weekly Update

Project Chart

We are always interested in hearing your feedback/questions about the project. Feel free to send us your input at any time using the survey form below.